Daily Routine

Health & Safety
The afterschool program follows CDC guidelines and recommendations regarding enhanced hygiene and ventilation.
What should my child bring to Afterschool?
• Water bottle and afternoon snack [please pack nutritious, nut-free snacks and avoid avoid sugary foods.
• Children should wear comfortable fitness-friendly clothes and shoes [preferably sneakers].

• Change of clothes is recommended for students in PreK and Kindergarten.
How does my child transition to Afterschool?
At the end of the school day, PS 3 teachers escort their classes downstairs for dismissal. Children who are
enrolled in our program are dismissed directly to the Afterschool staff. 
VERY IMPORTANT • Please make sure your child’s teacher knows their afterschool schedule. PS 3 teachers cannot dismiss children unless they have express authorization from the family.
What will my child be doing in Afterschool?
• PreK children join our KidzKlub which includes a great mix of creative and recreational activities. During registration these families select Weekday(s) only.
• K-5 families are asked to choose one Specialty class for each Weekday selected during registration. Some specialty classes start at 3pm, others start at 4:15pm depending on spaces available each weekday. In addition to their chosen class, children will have snack time, homework, sports, recreation and outdoor play in the Yard [weather permitting].
How do you manage regular dismissal from 5:20-5:30pm?
Adults pick up children from the sidewalk at designated Doors:
Hudson St Staircase (Bus) Exit ………  Gr. PreK-K
Grove St (near Hudson)       ……………..Gr. 1-2
Grove St (near Bedford)       ……………..Gr. 3-5 
How do you manage the Extended Day dismissal from 5:50-6:00pm?
Children are dismissed from the Staircase (Bus) Exit on Hudson.
Can I pick up my child before regular dismissal? 
Early dismissal is available from 4:20-4:30pm (Staircase Exit on Hudson). Please complete this form if you want to pick up your child at that time.
What if my child is registered for 5:30pm dismissal but I arrive late?
At 5:31pm children who did not get picked up transition into the Extended Day Supervision (until 6pm). A $10 fee will be added to your account to cover this extra service.
What happens if I arrive after 6:00pm?
The building closes promptly at 6pm. Any remaining children will have to wait outside with a staff member. Please call the afterschool office if you are unable to pick up your child by 6pm. Starting at 6:01, Late PickUp fees of $10 per 15 minutes will be added to your account (see Dismissal agreement for all details).