Daily Routine

Covid-19 & Safety
The afterschool program will follow CDC guidelines and recommendations:
• Enhanced hygiene (extra cleaning and sanitizing)
• Adequate ventilation in all spaces
What should my child bring to Afterschool?
• Water bottle and afternoon snack [please avoid sugary foods, peanuts and tree nuts]
• Children should wear comfortable fitness-friendly clothes and shoes [preferably sneakers].

• Change of clothes is recommended for students in PreK and Kindergarten.
How does my child transition to Afterschool?
At the end of the school day, PS 3 teachers escort their classes downstairs for dismissal. Children who are
enrolled in our program are dismissed directly to the Afterschool staff. 
VERY IMPORTANT • Please make sure your child’s teacher knows their afterschool schedule. PS 3 teachers cannot dismiss children unless they have express authorization from the family.
What will my child be doing in Afterschool?
• PreK children join our KidzKlub which includes a great mix of creative and recreational activities. During registration these families select Weekday(s) only.
• K-5 families are asked to choose one Specialty class for each Weekday selected during registration. Some specialty classes start at 3pm, others start at 4:15pm depending on spaces available each weekday. In addition to their chosen class, children will have snack time, homework, sports, recreation and outdoor play in the Yard [weather permitting].
How do you manage regular dismissal from 5:20-5:30pm?
Adults pick up children from the sidewalk at designated Doors:
Hudson St …………..  Gr. PreK-K (Bus Exit)    
Grove St ……………..   Gr. 1-2 (Exit 3)    &  Gr. 3-4-5 (Exit 4)
How do you manage the Extended Day dismissal from 5:50-6:00pm?
Children are dismissed from the main entrance on Hudson.
Can I pick up my child before regular dismissal? 
Early dismissal is available from 4:20-4:30pm (main entrance on Hudson). Please complete this form if you want to pick up your child at that time. We are unable to accommodate requests for other pick up times. Thank you for your understanding.
What if my child is registered for 5:30pm dismissal but I arrive late?
At 5:31pm children who did not get picked up transition into the Extended Day Supervision (until 6pm). A $10 fee will be added to your account to cover this extra service.
What happens if I arrive after 6:00pm?
Please call the afterschool office if you are running late. Late fees of $1 per minute goes into effect at 6:01pm.