Fitness & Sports

Classes vary from term to term. Please check current program schedule for activities available this semester.
Instruction: New York Capoeira Center

Capoeira (cap-oh-we-rah) is an original Afr0-Brazilian martial arts movement created by slaves in Brazil’s plantations as a means to fight oppression. This art form combines self-defense, dance, and acrobatics. Music is played on the Berimbau and other traditional instruments. Capoeira combines fluid, dance-like motion with kicks, tripping sweeps and other playful moves. More than a great fitness class, Capoeira helps children develop concentration, agility, focus, coordination, expressiveness and leadership skills. Recommended for all age groups!
Fantasy Games / Fantasy Olympics (Maurice)
In this fun class students will take on contests and challenges in a way that will help them mature and build confidence. They will face dilemmas and be asked to solve problems, individually and in teams. The challenges they face will be both athletic and psychological. There will be different levels of difficulty depending on the age of the participants.
Fencing Masters 
Instruction: Fencers Club 
Introduction to the Olympic sport of speed, agility, and strategy! This comprehensive program teaches fencing – imparting the required discipline and strategic thinking that are integral to the sport. Classes are taught by Master Coaches who have earned Maestro degrees from internationally-acclaimed programs and have extensive coaching experience with all levels of fencing, from beginners to Olympians. Our apprentice fencers have the opportunity to participate in seasonal Tournaments organized by the Fencers Club.
Gymnastics (Maurice)
Children learn the basic body shapes necessary to acquire gymnastic skills. As the class progresses, students are introduced to the balance beam and the bar. Emphasis is placed on safety and on the value of exercise and patience. Older students concentrate on developing form, strength and flexibility. As they build confidence, our young gymnasts are encouraged to test their skills and move to the next level where they will face more challenging exercises.
Karate Kids (Maurice)
This workshop is designed to teach self-protection through confidence-building karate techniques. Explore balance, coordination, and mental focus in a non-competitive environment that teaches karate kicks, blocks, and basic self-defense.
Kung Fu (Maurice)
This popular class helps students build confidence, fitness and self-discipline. Like all of Maurice’s classes, students face new challenges as they ‘graduate’ to higher levels.
Parkour Adventure  
Instruction: The Movement Creative

Inspired by the original model of parkour training: community jams! Kids create movement challenges and games while exploring different locations, giving them the freedom to navigate their own parkour training while learning risk assessment and technique cooperatively from their coaches. Parkour’s emphasis on incremental progression and reflection help students develop healthy strategies for overcoming mental and emotional hurdles as well. By training together, children build team spirit, friendships, and self-awareness.
Power Kids
Instruction: Power Tots Inc.
This energetic and fun class combines gymnastics, parkour exercises and yoga. Children set up/build small obstacle courses and explore different sets of equipment as the semester progresses. Yoga helps with focus and building strength.
Sports Club
Children are introduced to a variety of sports including Basketball, Baseball, Soccer and Volleyball. Sports rotate throughout the semester. Emphasis on sportsmanship and fun.
Tennis Academy
Instruction: New Kids Tennis
QuickStart is a tennis format that was developed, structured, and is currently promoted by the United States Tennis Association for children ages 10 and under. In QuickStart tennis, young learners play with shorter racquets, on smaller courts, with lower nets and special balls. These adjustments give children more control and allow them to learn better and faster. All equipment provided. At the end of each term, young players have the opportunity to participate in a Tennis Tournaments hosted by Village Kids at PS 3.