FAQs: Program

What happens is one of my child’s classes is cancelled?
When a class is cancelled due to instructor’s illness or some other type of emergency, we invite students enrolled in that class to join a different activity. No credits or refunds will be issued under these circumstances.
If my child misses any days or classes during the semester, will we get a credit? 
We are unable to issue credits or refunds if a child fails to attend a scheduled day or class.
Do I need to notify the Afterschool Office if my child is going to miss afterschool day(s)? 
Please notify your child’s PS 3 teacher and the afterschool office as well.
My schedule has changed this week. Can my child attend the program on different weekdays this week only?
Unfortunately, program staff are hired based on semester enrollment so changing weekdays is not an option. 
Can I register for an occasional day?
Drop In service will not be available until further notice.