Cooking & Nutrition

Classes vary from term to term. Please check current program schedule for activities available this semester.
Baking Arts 
Get creative in the kitchen! Learn the basics of baking and pastry decoration. Working with dough and other edible materials, and using a variety of tools, students create visually attractive foods for parties and seasonal events, including cake toppings and explore multiple decorative shapes and ideas. Fun for all ages!
Hands-in-the-Dirt: Botanists & Urban Farmers 
Ever tried to make mud pies? It’s fun getting your hands dirty. This workshop explores the art and science of all things botanical and how gardening can help us address environmental issues. Children will grow micro greens, shoots and herbs, keep a class journal, and create recyclable art like planter pots out of water bottles. Class projects also include a decomposer terrarium, and exploring water science techniques. Students will be proud of their gardening ventures and ‘edible’ discoveries!
Kitchen Lab:  Have Fun with Science and Eat It Too!  
Ever wonder what happens when sugar becomes candy? Why bread dough expands? or vegetables become pickles? What happens ‘behind the scenes’ when milk becomes butter, cheese or yogurt?  Why does salt alter the flavor of the foods we eat? And why is the temperature of meat so important when we make a roast? Join Chef Natalie and explore the science behind the foods we eat and cook everyday. This is the only class where you get to eat your own ‘scientific’ experiments!
World Cuisine 
Ready for a culinary challenge? Our students can now experience a world of culinary delights. In this workshop, each class will take children to a different country; from the classical Mediterranean flavors to the spices of India, or the elegance of Japanese cuisine, they will learn how to prepare regional specialties and the local ingredients that go into them. An adventure for your tasting buds!
Young Chefs 
Basic culinary skills, nutrition and healthy eating habits!
Students learn how to handle kitchen utensils, measure ingredients, compare the nutritious value of different foods, test new recipes, and enjoy their own tasty treats at the end of each session. Our cooking classes are led by experienced chefs who are passionate about fresh foods, green markets, local gardening and composting, and teaching children how to make good choices.