Classes vary from term to term. Please check current program schedule for activities available this semester.  
Ballet & Jazz (Danita) 
Instruction: Third Street Music School Settlement
Have fun while learning basic dance steps. Designed for our younger grades, this class introduces children to the basics of ballet and jazz. Students build coordination, flexibility and strength. Each session has standard opening and closing songs and movement sequences, set warm ups, and free improvisation.
Broadway Bop
Instruction: Inside Broadway
In this fun class children learn and practice some of Broadway’s favorite musical hits. Each session will include warm up exercises, theater games and the basics of stage performance. A great way to unwind after a busy school day.
Broadway Magic 
Instruction: Inside Broadway
Learn from the Pros and experience the magic of Broadway! In this workshop children are introduced to musical theater, a mix of storytelling, song, dance, and choreography. Combining the art of play and the structure of theater technique, students explore creativity while garnering stage skills and learning how to work as a group.
Dance Ventures (Danita) 
Instruction: Third Street Music School Settlement
This class blends music, creativity, ballet and modern dance basics. Working individually and in groups, children build coordination, flexibility and strength. At the end of the semester students present a rehearsed piece with original choreography. A great introduction to bodily awareness and the art of self-expression!
Filmmaking Workshop (Kevin)
Instruction: Take Two Film Academy 
In this workshop students work together to create, act, shoot, direct and edit their own short films. Throughout the process children learn the technical and creative skills needed to transform their ideas into fully realized works. By the end of the term participants will have at least one short film that they have made and posted online.
Improv & Comedy (Patrick)
In this workshop students explore the art of improvisation and its importance in both theatrical and everyday uses. Class will consist of playful exercises designed to encourage students to think on their feet and unlock their creativity. Children learn how to create and write their own comic sketches.
Jazz/HipHop (Damazi)
Instruction: Alvin Ailey Dance Education Program
Alvin Ailey teaching artists are experienced professionals who love to work with children and love what they do. This year we will offer again their popular Jazz/Hip Hop workshop. Working together as a group, students develop an original choreography for a music theme of their choice and then present their specially rehearsed piece at the end of the semester – one of the highlights of our Showcases!
Move & Groove (Damazi)
Instruction: Alvin Ailey Dance Education Program
Alvin Ailey teaching artists are experienced professionals who love to work with children and love what they do. This class explores movement, rhythm, coordination and self-expression in a stimulating environment. Working on large motor skills, spatial awareness and flexibility children develop self-discipline and self-confidence while learning basic dance steps. Recommended for all age groups.
Music Workshop (Alan)
Explore sounds, rhythms and song in this fun and inspiring workshop led by PS 3 music teacher Alan.
Musical Theater
Instruction: Inside Broadway
In this intensive workshop, students learn the basics of Broadway Theater by practicing scenes from famous Broadway musicals. In addition to acting, improv, song, and dance, students will also focus on specific aspects of theater production including sets, costumes and choreography.
Storybook Theater (Patrick)
A fun and engaging way to explore make-believe. Students will learn how to perform classic fairy tales (and maybe some of their own too) in traditional and also in unusual ways. Using sound, imagination and theatre games, children quickly learn why the drama kids always have so much fun.
Tap Dance
Instruction: American Tap Dance Foundation
ATDF offers children the chance to become immersed in America’s own indigenous art form and culture. The Foundation’s faculty share their knowledge of the artistry and history of Tap in a fun, safe and supportive environment. Classes emphasize technique, improvisation and tap dance history.
Zumba Kids 
Dance to the sounds and rhythms of latin music. A great way to unwind after a busy school day. Energetic and fun!