STEM Camp • In Partnership with MakerState 
Developed for budding inventors, this specialized camp offers a great mix of hands-on building projects, science experiments, adventures in 3D printing, Robotic Arts, Minecraft Engineering, and more. The daily routine includes Challenges focused on puzzle-solving, coding, computational thinking, and collaboration; Collectible Challenge Badges that reward problem-solving skills, teamwork and creativity; and lots of outdoor playtime [visits to nearby parks, laser tag, obstacle courses, water fun and recreation]. Weekly field trips ensure children have the full summer camp experience!  
• Please Note • Specialized camps have minimum enrollment requirements. If a camp is cancelled due to under-enrollment, family will be invited to join a different camp or issued a full refund.
CALENDAR                                                      FIELD TRIPS (tbc)                                 
Week 1 ……….  July 5 – 8                                Pier 25 Mini-Golf                                 
Week 2 ………   July 11 – 15                             NY Aquarium                                        
Week 3 ……….. July  18 – 22                          TADA! Youth Theater                          
Week 4 ……….. July 25 – 29                           Amusement Park                                 
Week 5 ……….. August 1 – 5                            Brooklyn Children’s Museum            
Week 6 ……….. August 8 – 12                        Central Park Zoo                                   
Week 7 ……….. August 15 – 19                       The Hayden Planetarium                   
Daily  Schedule…………  9am – 5pm
Ages Accepted ………….. 6-12 [any school]
09:00 – 10:00  Drop-Off & Creative Play with MaKey MaKey, CircuitScribe, and Snap Circuits
10:00 – 11:30    Circle Meeting • Morning Challenge and Prototype building session
11:30 – 01:30     Neighborhood Parks for Lunch, Games and Water Sprinklers
11:30 – 01:30     Playtime includes laser tag, water balloons, and other fun activities

01:30 – 3:00      Circle Meeting • Afternoon Challenge and Prototype building session
03:00 – 4:00     Daily Debrief • Distribution of Badges
04:00 – 05:00   Snack, Recreation & Dismissal
WEDNESDAY • Field Trip Day
09:00 – 10:00     Drop-Off • Morning Rally
10:00 – 11:00      Travel to Destination
11:00 – 03:00      Visit Venue [includes special workshops and lunch break]
03:00 – 04:00     Travel back to home base
04:00 – 05 :00    Snack, Recreation & Dismissal

STEM Camp Early Bird       .………………….. $595 /Week • Through May 31
STEM Camp Regular Fee   .…………………..  $645 /Week • Starting June 1
Tennis Classes (2)                ……………..…….  $60/Week    • Optional Extra
Covid-19 vaccination is required for all campers. Proof of vaccine must be submitted within 24 hours of registration. Thank you.
If you need to switch dates after registering your child, please email our office. Date changes will be processed provided there are slots available and the request is received at least seven days before the date your child was scheduled to attend camp. There is a $25 processing fee.
We are unable to issue refunds or credits for camp absences, late arrivals, or enrollment cancellations – regardless of circumstances.

WEEK 1 • July 5 – 8
Bots & Contraptions with MaKey MaKey, Roblox & Vex Virtual Robotics
Field Trip • Pier 25 & Mini-Golf
This week is all about games, robots, and hands-on creativity! We’ll start by building a hydraulic powered lift, a DIY electromagnet with wire, a nail, and a battery, and a spinning wire sculpture using a homopolar motor. We’ll also design, code, and play in our own Roblox Game Studio worlds where our AI characters explore and interact. And we’ll design Vex virtual robots that create geometric art and learn color-based algorithms. To play-test our new platforms and worlds, we’ll create our own game controllers using MaKey MaKey microcontrollers. Hands-on building is so much fun, especially when we can see our creations in action! It’s a bot playful learning!
Projects Include:
• Hydraulic Machine: Build and test a hydraulic powered robotic arm or lift
• Roblox Game Studio: Terrain generating and world building
• DIY Electromagnet and a spinning wire sculpture with a homopolar motor
• Vex Virtual Robotics: Create and code AI bots that count colors and generate geometric art
• MaKey MaKey Controllers: Build microcontroller game controllers with MaKey MaKey and Play Doh

WEEK 2 • July 11 – 15
Astronaut Academy: 3D Rocket Design & Engineering with Tinkercad & Kerbal Space Program
Field Trip • New York Aquarium
We are the next generation of space explorers and it’s up to us to discover and create new worlds! Let’s suit up and fire those boosters to create real rockets that fly and virtual rockets that explore the far reaches of space. We’ll craft paper SpaceX Dragon and Falcon rockets, 3D design our own launch platforms in Tinkercad, and build a shock absorbing, parachute space lander and test it with an egg! We’ll create, test launch, and fly real-physics spacecraft in the Kerbal Space Program and we’ll even build and code a LED launch countdown timer and see how it works in Python and Javascript. As we tinker, we’ll learn actual aerodynamic and orbital physics from NASA’s astronaut program. This week is all about creating new ways to make space exploration safe, sustainable and fun for humans–and aliens–alike!
Projects Include:
• Hands-on Space Engineering: Craft paper rockets, baking soda and vinegar boosters, an egg lander/shock absorbing parachute, and maybe even a catapult and a rocket spinster with parachute.
• Space-themed 3D Design: 3D design NASA and SpaceX-inspired rockets, launch platforms in Tinkercad
• Micro:bit Countdown Timer with introduction to Javascript & Python and the basics of physical computing by building and programming DIY game controllers.
• Kerbal Space Program: Prototype real-physics rockets in the kid-friendly simulation used by NASA and SpaceX

WEEK 3 • July 18 – 22
Game Design Animation & Coding with DIY Minecraft & Micro:bit Controllers 
Field Trip • TADA! Youth Theater 
This camp is all about hands-on game design, art, animation, and coding! We’ll use pocket-sized, Scratch-programmable Micro:bit micro-computers to create our own games, pixel art and animation, and music. We’ll make our own play-doh, create Mondrian-inspired 3D art, and use a bit of math to recreate those epic artworks 100 feet high in Minecraft. We’ll doodle 2D flip art and spinning phenakistoscopes that reveal the science behind moving pictures. We’ll code a board game and construct old-school, 8-bit LED games on the Micro:bit like Pong and Space Invaders. Plus real-life potion sensory water, Minecraft-style. If you love games, art, and hands-on experiments, this is your camp!
Projects Include:
• Motion Picture Science: Create doodle 2D flip art and spinning phenakistoscopes
• Piskel Animation: Make your own or favorite Minecraft characters and mods on a frame by frame animation!
• Play Dough Art: create our own Play-Doh and fashion famous art
• Game Creators: Create your own board game, a Scratch video game and some of the top Micro Bit projects on site: HeartBeat, Tilt Guitar, Ocean adventure.
• Micro:bit Microcontrollers: We’ll learn the basics of physical computing by building and programming DIY game controllers

• Minecraft Art: Did you know Minecraft’s great for learning math, design, and art? Let’s go!

WEEK 4 • July 25 – 29
Thinking & Learning Machines: Lego Robotics, Art Automata & 3D Design
Field Trip • Victoria Gardens Amusement Park
If you like Arts and crafts plus robots plus 3D design this is your camp! We’ll build LEGO Mindstorms robots with obstacle courses we design ourselves from geometric jello blocks and play dough straw. We’ll use 3D printing pens to create character jewels and cardboard automata to discover mechanics and physics. We’ll 3D design obstacles for our bots to navigate in Tinkercad and print that 3D art with the 3Doodler pen. We’ll also explore the fundamentals of AI and machine learning that are integral to how these robots work as we design and build a greener world. This is advanced hands-on creativity for advanced fun and learning…all for beginners! Let’s go!
Projects Include:
• Tinkercad 3D Design: Recreate patterns found in nature and create your own avatar to start a journey for a more sustainable world!
• Hands-on Engineering: We’re building geometric jello blocks, play dough straw, and more LEGO Mindstorms.
• Robotics: Create geometry puzzle obstacle courses with Lego bricks and navigate your robot to the goal line!
• 3D Printer Pen Hands-on Designs: Create 3D shapes, tessellating shapes.

WEEK 5 • Aug 1 – 5
World-Building with Scratch Game Coding, Roblox & Micro:bit
Field Trip • Brooklyn Children’s Museum
Artistic city builders and dreamers will reimagine our fair city of New York to build and code a super-fun and sustainable community. We’ll prototype and re-design our worlds together in 3D shapes and create interactive stories, games, and animations within Piskel 8-bit art, Scratch coding, and Roblox Game Studio. We’ll grow and beautify our new world by creating crystals that sprout overnight and salt pendulums that make colorful art on the streets of NYC. And we’ll create game controllers with the Micro:bit controller that help us navigate the city and generate greener, more accessible and affordable transportation. If you ever dreamed of creating a world everyone can enjoy through art and tech, this is your camp!
Projects Include:
• Piskel Animators: Create amazing 8-bit characters to use on your school projects, as Sprites for your Scratch projects and gift cards. The options are unlimited!
• Scratch Sustainable Video Games: Design Scratch video games that will help others understand how to make sustainable changes in our communities!
• Hands-on City Lights: Creating crystals that sprout overnight and salt pendulums that make colorful art on the streets of NYC.
• Roblox City Planners: Draw prototypes for a new, upgraded city and use Roblox Studio to build it.
• Micro:bit Microcontrollers: We’ll learn the basics of physical computing by building and programming DIY game controllers.

WEEK 6 • Aug 8 – 12
3D Printing Lab with 3Doodler, Tinkercad & Minecraft
Field Trip • Central Park Zoo
Let’s get hands-on to create a green future with 3D printing pens, computer aided design, and the immersive world of Minecraft. We’ll collaborate to solve real-world challenges like planet-friendly farming, sustainable transportation, and renewable energy. We’ll experiment with play-doh, bubble wands, and 3D designed geometric shapes like triangles, pentagons, and hexagons to test structural integrity and create giant sustainable structures like water filtering mountains and windmills in Tinkercad. And we’ll import our towering bridges and buildings into our own Minecraft worlds. This camp combines hands-on building and drawing with a 3D printing pen with the imaginative power of Tinkercad and Minecraft to bring your wildest sustainable architecture ideas to life. If you like to explore, craft stories, and build amazing creations, this is your camp.
Projects Include:
• Tinkercad: 3D design water filtering mountains and windmills using geometric shapes like triangles, pentagons, and hexagons.
• Hands-On Art: Create play doh structures and bubble wands to test structural integrity.
• 3D Printer Pen: Hand-draw and build 3D printed structures to test their structural integrity with the 3Doodler pen.
• Minecraft Inventions: Build planet-friendly farming, transportation, and renewable energy and import your CAD (computer-aided design) artifacts into your own world.

WEEK 7 • Aug 15  – 19
Space Launch: Rocket Design with Tinkercad, 3Doodler & Kerbal Space Program
Field Trip • The Hayden Planetarium
Calling future astronauts and rocketeers! We’re building sustainable spacecraft and space stations, rovers and satellites for launches, orbits, and landings, and even a few malfunctions, explosions, repairs, and rescues. We’ll make balloon towers that mimic graphene geothermal systems and global cooling space tubes and a shock absorbing, parachute space lander that must be tested with an egg! From 3D printed rocket ship prototypes to hands-on paper rocket builds that shoot up 100 feet to explorations of outer space in the Kerbal Space Program, we’re problem-solving to create a sustainable world and universe for all. This week of camp is out of this world!
Projects Include:
• Tinkercad + 3D Printer Pen: There’s a 3D printed spaceship with missing pieces! We won’t be ready to take off unless you design and build the missing parts.
• Tinkercad Space Projects: Design a space station, recreate a shop… in Mars, create a rocket ship or your own space rover.
• Hands-On Engineering: We’ll build balloon towers that mimic graphene geothermal systems and parachute space landers and paper rockets for sustainable space travel.
• Kerbal Space Program: We’ll build spacecraft, fly them, and try to help the little Kerbals fulfill their ultimate mission of creating sustainable space travel. Along the way, we’re learning realistic aerodynamics, rocket propulsion, and orbital physics just like they do in NASA’s astronaut program.