PreK Information

Note to PreK Families 
Village Kids Afterschool cannot accommodate PreK students, but we are very pleased to share some exciting news with PreK families. 
PreK Afterschool at Barrow Street Nursery School
Our neighborhood nursery school will be offering PreK Afterschool to PS 3 students for the first time this year. Located inside the Greenwich House Center, just two blocks from PS 3, the Barrow Street Nursery School has a great team of educators and excellent facilities, including a full size gym, art room and rooftop garden for outdoor recreation. 
Transition to Afterschool
PreK students who enroll in the BSNS PreK Afterschool Program will be picked up from PS 3 by the BSNS staff when the school dismisses children, and walk over together to the Greenwich House, thus ensuring a seamless transition from school to afterschool.
Dismissal from Afterschool
At the end of the day these PreK students will be dismissed directly from the Nursery School (27 Barrow Street). For details and registration please visit the BSNS website: